segunda-feira, novembro 15, 2004

Death Cab for Atlantic

Depois da resistência vem a cedência.

Os Death Cab for Cutie vão deixar a pequena Barsuk Records e trocá-la pela Atlantic Records. No entanto, sairá ainda um EP na Barsuk antes do verão.

A banda já disse algo sobre isto. Transponho para aqui, para mais tarde recordar:

"The Rumors Are True: A Note From Ben
Hey there all! I’m here to say the rumors that have been dominating the message boards over the last few weeks are in fact true. We have signed to Atlantic Records.

Our decision to leave Barsuk was a difficult one, but thankfully it comes with the blessing of Josh Rosenfeld and everyone at Barsuk Records. Josh and the gang have been wonderful for us. If someone would have told me six years ago as Josh, Nick, Chris and I were sitting on a porch in Bellingham debating about how many records to press of the initial run of “Airplanes” (we though 500, Josh was convinced we could sell 1000) that Barsuk and DCFC would be in the positions we are today, I wouldn’t have believed them. Thank you Josh, Christopher, Emily, Grant, and Wes for all your hard work on our behalf at Barsuk Records over the years.

I know some of you out there may have conflicting feelings about our decision. Some of you may be under the impression that signing with a major label involves making some drastic changes. Thus, in the spirit of full disclosure, here is a detailed list of the changes that will occur now that we are on Atlantic Records:
1) Next to the picture of Barsuk holding a 7”, there will be the letter “A” on both the spine and back of our upcoming albums. I hope all of you can deal with this list.

See you soon,