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"Mergulho em Loba" será o novo álbum de Joana Barra Vaz a ser editado no último trimestre de 2015. Esta nova colecção de canções, faz parte de uma trilogia de obras iniciada com "Passeio Pelo Trilho".

O single, que levamos este mês ao mundo através do Music Allaince Pact, é "Tanto Faz", o primeiro de "Mergulho em Loba", que tem, além de fantásticos músicos, a colaboração, nas vozes, da talentosa moçambicana Selma Uamusse.

O vídeo do single, que podem ver já abaixo, foi co-realizado por Maria João Marques e Joana Barra Vaz.

Além do tema da Joana Barra Vaz, temos mais 16 temas e bandas nesta edição do Music Alliance Pact. Clique com o botão direito do rato, por cima do título da canção, para fazer o download do mp3 ou faça um download do ficheiro completo, com os dezassete temas, através do Dropbox AQUI.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie Julieta y Los Espíritus - El Látigo (Modex remix) This is a song from the new project of Julieta Brotsky (aka July Sky). It's not the original version from the album, but a great remix released a couple of weeks ago by post-punk band Modex. Julieta's beautiful voice can also be heard on several tracks by indie-pop band Entre Ríos, and in Varias Artistas, the female ensemble put together by singer-songwriter Lucas Marti.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They? These Guy - Coming Around Brisbane trio These Guy was originally the solo project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Saxby. Latest track Coming Around combines the lofty vocals and downer lyrics of Saxby's earlier work. Along with buoyant pop production, the result is a track that's interesting at every turn. The absence of any kind of rhythm guitar leaves Saxby's vocals and synth-fiddling to carry the melodic weight of the track. Coming Around is a testament to Saxby's ear for off-kilter production and hopefully points to a more experimental/avant-pop future for These Guy.

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado Pequeno Céu - Quatro Post-rock six-piece Pequeno Céu started as a solo project some years ago before releasing their first album as a band in 2014. Pequeno Céu differs from other math/post-rock ensembles because of the Brazilian influences and simplicity of their short instrumental songs, such as Quatro. For fans of BADBADNOTGOOD, Hurtmold and Tortoise.

CANADA: Ride The Tempo Mauno - Reeling Experimental shapeshifters Mauno (pronounced mao-no) reel you in with their off-kilter pop tunes. The Halifax group is unafraid to test you with their strange sounds.

CHILE: Super 45 AYEAYE - A Medianoche Me Llevaré Tu Alma After the dissolution of the duo Mostro, and following the many collaborations with Chilean/German DJ Matias Aguayo, the producer and illustrator Carlos Reinoso decided to embark on AYEAYE, a project influenced by dance music as rhythmic experimentation. A Medianoche Me Llevaré Tu Alma ("At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul) is his first single.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo Danicattack - Perdónate A feeling of being home defines Danicattack. This Bogota quintet, led by Daniel Lopez, is always exploring new ideas through lyrics and sounds. Their song Perdónate recalls a world of dreams intermingled with the material reality of bodies, as we can see it in the video.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian ONBC - White Trash Risen from the ashes of Oliver North Boy Choir and comprising members who have been and still are part of Superheroes, Private, The Boombox Hearts and epo-555, ONBC released their dreamy and melancholic indie-pop debut Crash, Burn & Cry back in May. Here's first single White Trash as a MAP exclusive download.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria Pastizales - La Casa y La Nada Pastizales is the solo project of Bernardo Arevalo, who brings us a refreshing lo-fi folk sound. From his debut six-track EP we proudly present La Casa y La Nada, a single that takes the listener into a deeply relaxing, wonderful environment.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar Sajama Cut - Fatamorgana Fatamorgana is taken from Hobgoblin, the latest album by Jakarta indie-rock outfit Sajama Cut. This song is for every father who never gives up raising their kids with love and compassion in the big city of evil.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing Bitch Falcon - TMJ TMJ is the third single from highly-rated, grungy Dublin trio Bitch Falcon, who are taking the Irish capital's sticky-floored corners by storm. Named after the temporomandibular joint (which joins the jaw to the rest of the skull), it's poppy and melodic by this particular act's standards, but nevertheless appropriately face-melting. One to pump up the bass on and let their rhythms pummel the base of your soles. Bitch Falcon are one of the most promising rock acts that Ireland has produced this decade.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies Clone - Follow Me The bulk of Follow Me, from Tokyo bedroom track maker Clone, draws sounds from the Nintendo video game Pikmin. The plant people players guide around to collect treasure are the primary source, the sound of them being thrown and generally squeaking being the go-to for Clone. Yet this is not merely a bit of video game nostalgia, as Clone constructs it all into a fast-paced dance number that blooms into something quite madcap.

MALTA: Stagedive Malta Xtruppaw - Iċ-Ċawl Iċul Five-piece Xtruppaw play a concoction of styles such as punk-rock, ska, 80s metal, 70s disco, Maltese ghana and country and western. The truly distinguishing feature of the band's music is the lyrics. Xtruppaw songs are all, without exception, sung in Maltese about the Maltese lifestyle, zooming into the raw and crude perspective of the mundane, pointing out the absurdities that we all take for granted with a tongue-in-cheek and often irreverent approach. Xtruppaw have recorded and released two full-length albums to date.

MEXICO: RBMA Radio Panamérika Turning Torso - Up Through his landscapist and often acidic compositions, David Sánchez - a young artist from Querétaro creating clever, stirring electronic music under the Turning Torso moniker - is capable of exploring and transmitting a wide variety of complex emotions with his superbly arranged productions. On Up, Turning Torso densely weaves an uplifting yet murky atmosphere whose shape acquires a crooked appearance as the piece progresses. Throwing in some IDM beats that bring to mind the textures of Autechre and his characteristic jazz guitar work which serves as a sort of guide in the middle of the track, Sánchez manifests a robust framework nurtured by a vast intellect.

PERU: SoTB Diorama - Travelling Diorama is a Lima-based instrumental rock band. They released their first EP in 2013, which was met with critical acclaim. Travelling is a song filled with moments of beauty and elegance.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? Joana Barra Vaz - Tanto Faz Tanto Faz is the first single from the new Joana Barra Vaz album, Mergulho Em Loba, due out later this year. Mergulho Em Loba is part of a trilogy started in 2012 with Passeio Pelo Trilho. Joana's music will please fans of the kind of indie-pop started by Leslie Feist.

SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop The Insomniac Project - In And Out (Of My Head) This debut single by The Insomniac Project wears its 80s disco influences loud and proud and has all the ingredients of a synth-pop dancefloor classic. With the Glasgow six-piece having teased with a few SoundCloud demo uploads over the past year, it's a privilege to offer In And Out (Of My Head) exclusively via the Music Alliance Pact ahead of its official release on August 31.

SOUTH KOREA: Indieful ROK Floating Island - Parade Electronica quartet Floating Island released third single Parade this month. The festive pop number is produced by Floating Island member Flash Flood Darlings (our March 2015 MAP artist) together with main songwriter NoohNooh.

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O projecto Balla, do multifacetado Armando Teixeira, conceituado músico, produtor, compositor e pai de diversos projectos musicais, está de regresso. Esse regresso tem, este mês, encontro com o mundo, através do Music Alliance Pact, com "Arqueologia", composição do novo álbum dos Balla, Submundo, que estará disponível em Outubro.
No melhor estilo e originalidade que os Balla nos têm habituado, Arqueologia .cola-se aos nossos ouvidos e descola os nossos pés. Armando Teixeira continua a navegar ao encontro de blips, blops, e sons perdidos, oferecendo uma pop subersiva que não dá enfartamento nem enjôos aos seus navegantes.

Além do tema dos Balla, temos mais 15 temas e bandas nesta edição do Music Alliance Pact. Clique com o botão direito do rato, por cima do título da canção, para fazer o download do mp3 ou faça um download do ficheiro completo, com os dezasseis temas, através do Dropbox AQUI.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? Balla - Arqueologia Balla, a project by producer and musician Armando Texeira, has a sound that will please fans of Depeche Mode and New Order. Arqueologia, a song about loss, is the first single from Balla's new album, Submundo, which will be released in October. Armando's love for electronica is apparent, with a Buchla Music Easel synth among various instruments used on this record. Check out the video for the album's title track.

  ARGENTINA: Zonaindie Blito y Los Intermitentes - A Donde Vas Blito y Los Intermitentes released their debut album, Nada, independently this year. Led by singer-songwriter Blito Dojtman, the band's sound usually starts in acoustic form and then takes different paths through rock, pop and even tango. If you like A Donde Vas, you can download the whole album from Bandcamp.
AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They? Australia - Who R U? Contrary to popular belief, winter exists in Australia. Escaping from the cold is easy - we turn to home brewing and gregarious electro-pop. Australia (the band) are striding in the same disco patriotism line of outfits like Total Giovanni and Client Liaison. Cue the energetic side-strut - it's all anthemic beats and Roxy Music guitar frills in view here. Unless you're allergic to having a good time, it's hard not to like this track. The Sydney trio's debut album, Portraits Of People, Places And Movies, is out in August.

CANADA: Ride The Tempo Men I Trust - Again (feat. Ghostly Kisses) Montreal electronic collective Men I Trust collaborated with Ghostly Kisses in a beautiful electronic-infused ballad called Again. Local collaborations are huge here in Canada and this one is just so perfect.

CHILE: Super 45 Alejandro Zahler - Waltz Número 7 Instrumental, dreamlike and atmospheric music is what Alejando Zahler does. His first album has a charming, homey, kind sound. The musician and producer played all the instruments (guitars, synths, bass, among others) and recorded the tracks at AZT Estudios. Not wanting to play the album live has made this project even more personal.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo Omoh - Both Omoh is Andrés Rebellón and Sarah Montoya, both born in Bogota but now living in different cities. They found a way to make music together despite the distance between them, just like The Postal Service did. The outcome was an EP called St. Clara, released in June 2015. This month's MAP track, Both, is a reflection of Omoh's music: subtlety that leads to grandstanding. It is so nice to find music of this calibre made in these lands. This EP is available at Bandcamp as a name-your-price download.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian D/troit - Soul Thing It's nothing but a soul thing with D/troit, and really there is little else needed to be said about this Danish quintet who, as their name implies, honours one of the genres to come out of the Motor City. Well, apart from a load of superlatives to describe the greatness of their six-song debut, Do The Right Thing. Here is Soul Thing as a MAP exclusive download.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria Tripulación de Osos - Cavernícolas Dando a Luz Earlier this year Tripulación de Osos released debut album Robormiga, delivering powerful garage riffs, uncomplicated lyrics and a freshness that has allowed them to consolidate their status as one of the most acclaimed local live acts. Cavernícolas Dando a Luz comes highly recommended.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar Bottlesmoker - Gambol Bottlesmoker, one of the best electronica duos in Asia, asked remixers from around the world to rework their song Gambol for Netlabel Day. Visit here to listen to the full project and check out Free Music Archive.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing Áine Duffy - Won't Go Won't Go is the lead single from With Bells On, the debut album by sublime Cork indie/power-pop singer Áine Duffy. Duffy's just starting out, but has already picked up passionate fans in the United States and Switzerland. She's all set to take Ireland by storm, starting with the stomping emotional melodies of this hook-laden piece of pop brilliance.

ITALY: Polaroid Matilde Davoli - Tell Me What You See Hailing from the south of Italy and now living in London, Matilde Davoli is an electronic musician with a pop and folk background. She was in the great Studiodavoli, and then Girl With The Gun. For her solo debut, I'm Calling You From My Dreams, where she plays almost every instrument, she created a sound full of 80s synths, minimal rhythms and hazy melodies. My favorite is the Au Revoir Simon-esque Tell Me What You See - with its delicate elegance it sounds like a summer dream.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika Mondragón - Presentimiento Complejo Classical meets musique concrète, new age and awkward electronica as Mexico City producer Edgar Mondragón follows the heritage of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Aphex Twin. He make an ambitious effort to capture the suprematist angles on Kazimir Malevich's paintings on 14-minute track Presentimiento Complejo ("Complex Premonition"). Try listening to the whole work - it'll surely suppress your ADD and bring you to a sublime state of grace.

PERU: SoTB Gomas - Ofuscación Gomas is a six-piece band with a truly original style, led by Hernando Súarez and Susana Cebrián. They recently released their first EP, Canas Verdes, which exudes an amazing sensation of youthful fun thanks to their addictive female vocals and fresh indie-pop.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? Balla - Arqueologia Balla, a project by producer and musician Armando Texeira, has a sound that will please fans of Depeche Mode and New Order. Arqueologia, a song about loss, is the first single from Balla's new album, Submundo, which will be released in October. Armando's love for electronica is apparent, with a Buchla Music Easel synth among various instruments used on this record. Check out the video for the album's title track.

SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop Broken Boy - Just To Leave You St Andrews isn't just about its university and golf, you know. The town can also boast a hugely promising young three-piece in Broken Boy, led by brothers Cameron and Stewart Black up front, with Fraser Laing on drums. MAP exclusive download Just To Leave You (see video) typifies the sort of radio-ready guitar-pop music they specialise in. They play fast and tight, ooze presence on stage and know how to write songs that crackle with energy. Broken Boy are going places for sure.

SOUTH KOREA: Indieful ROK Say Sue Me - Bad Habit A self-proclaimed summer band, Busan-based quartet Say Sue Me have followed up last year's debut album with EP Big Summer Night. The summery surf sound of the new release is perfectly exhibited in Bad Habit with its fuzzy guitars and catchy melody.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You Olivia Quillio - Meet You At The Bottom Described as having "a voice beyond her years", Quillio writes thoughtful and emotive songs seated in the realms of folk, soul and sometimes jazz.

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Os Evols são um promissor quinteto com ninho no Porto. Evols II, como diz o título, é o seu segundo álbum e levou dois anos a nascer. Shelter é o primeiro single desta nova colecção de canções e já mereceu um vídeo, realizado por Laetitia Morais, que podem ver abaixo.

Além do tema dos Evols, temos mais 19 temas e bandas nesta edição do Music Alliance Pact. Clique com o botão direito do rato, por cima do título da canção, para fazer o download do mp3 ou faça um download do ficheiro completo, com os vinte temas, através do Dropbox AQUI.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie Ciudadano Toto - Esta Canción Last month Argentina's independent music scene mourned the sudden death of Adrián Nievas, aka Ciudadano Toto, lead singer of electro-pop group Adicta. An all-time favorite of Zonaindie, Adicta was perhaps one of the most underrated bands of the last decade, so if you never listened to them you deserve to (all their albums are one click away). This month's MAP song is a home-recorded cover version of Cuban legend Silvio Rodríguez that he used to open his recent solo concerts. Sophomore album Flores, Brillos y Arcoiris was released just a couple of months ago). RIP.

  AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They? Bicentennial - Sleeper Train Hailing from Marrickville, a suburb in Sydney's warehouse district, Bicentennial (Jess Cooper) writes and produces dark but delicate soundscapes layered underneath reverberated chant-like vocals. She cites backpacking around the globe as a major inspiration to her music, which is easy to see in this track's title with any remaining inspiration coming from her white pet parrot Jai-Chai, whom she claims is never far from her shoulder.

  BRAZIL: Meio Desligado Cícero - Isabel (Carta De Um Pai Aflito) This song is from Cícero's third album, A Praia, released a few months ago. Its lyrics are about a father regretting the loss of his daughter, who left home to experience life. The album has elements of traditional indie-rock and Brazilian popular music, usually referred to as MPB.

  CANADA: Ride The Tempo Mallory Scott - Levitate Mallory Scott's electro-pop creeps into the deep crevices of the night, but in his latest track Levitate the beats also seep deep into your soul and the melodies into your consciousness.

  CHILE: Super 45 Nva Picton - Estar Nva Picton is a duo formed by Miguel Gálvez and Andrés San Martín. It's also one of the most interesting projects that the Chilean musical scene has bred. Without framing it in a specific genre, they put together experimental RnB, avant-garde electronica and club music in a package that keeps its coherence, regardless of their ambitions. Their single Estar is taken from their first work, EP.01 (Sudamerican Records, 2015).

  COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo La Sabrosura Dura - La Mona Bogota's La Sabrosura Dura is a hard project to explain. Some call them salsa punk. The septet feel the rhythm in their veins, but they don't require the audience to be skilled in the arts of salsa or tropical rhythms. Indeed, they prefer that the public enjoy it as they please, whether they know the dance or not. They were a sensation at this year's SXSW and are currently working on their new album. This song, La Mona, is named after one of the many affectionate names given to beer in Colombia.

  DENMARK: All Scandinavian The New Investors - Atún Born out of a love for 1960s surf and psychedelic pop, The New Investors have released eight digital singles so far (all on SoundCloud), but it is with their latest, Atún (video), they get it absolutely right. If this is the level we can expect of their debut album, due out in August 2015, it will be quite excellent.

  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: La Casetera Gallo Lester ft. La Montra & Yuriseibi - La Comparsa El Gallo Lester started as a YouTube sensation with some weird mashups between current sociopolitical events and his own breed of "mambo metal" music, and it's quickly becoming an icon of shamelessness, social critique and rebellion. La Comparsa shares the spotlight with two more made-up characters: La Montra, a character made to resemble Rita Indiana's unique style, and Yuriseibi, a girl who's always dreamed of being produced by Lester. Be sure to check out his his YouTube channel's videos and parodies.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria Van Fan Culo - Comí (feat. Jennifer Byron) Efraaín Granizo is the mind behind Van Fan Culo, an electronic music project that blends different kinds of beats and genres like hard dance, industrial, house, glitch or bombatom. From his first album Ser Rojo Sería, distributed by the Mexican label Casete, we present single Comí featuring Jennifer Byron on vocals.

  INDONESIA: Deathrockstar Sapphira Singgih - Lost Soul Sapphira Singgih is a singer-songwriter who has been making her own songs in a lonely room for years. After singing with some of notable groups, mostly psychedelic rock'n'roll, she's ready to come out on her own.

  IRELAND: Hendicott Writing RiZA feat. Niwel Tsumbu - Kabembe As an Irish-based guitarist with Congolese roots, Niwel Tsumbu is a superbly original artist drawing on a stunning array of influences. Kabembe blends central African rhythms and lingala language lyrics with an emotive tale of the day Tsumbu found out his daughter is not his biological relation. RiZA, Tsumbu's newest outlet, feature the best Irish-African music has to offer and already look set to make waves.

  ITALY: Polaroid MOOD - Sick Pride Nice Vibe I know why I love MOOD: I saw them live before even knowing what they were going to do. There were these two very young kids on a big stage, only a guitar and a drum set. And then, it happened: they blew everyone away! It was math-rock, it was post-rock, it was loops on delays and rhythms overlapped. And it was very, very, very loud. Daniele and Francesco, just 18 years old now, have released a self-titled first album and shared a stage with the likes of J Mascis, Chain And The Gang and The Death Of Anna Karina.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies Einsteins - Hypnotism It is not quite hypnotic, but rather deeply dreamy. Einsteins have been making sweet electro-pop for a while now, but Hypnotism marks the moment where the group creates a song one wants to live in, a lush collection of synthesizers wherein the softly sung vocals snake through. Less a trance and more like a sweet bedtime escape

  MALTA: Stagedive Malta Dripht - Green Dub Formed in 1998, Dripht's music is a fusion of punk-rock with a reggae feel. To date Dripht has released three EPs - Dripht, Global Warning and Pacifista - and gained a sizeable following in Malta.
  MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika Siete Catorce - Respira Marco Polo Gutiérrez, a young producer from Mexicali, Baja California living in Mexico City, works under many different monikers, yet has obtained most of his popularity as Siete Catorce. Like many of his best songs, Respira is designed to be consumed as an immersive experience as the producer steps into frenetic grooves and anxious spaces, which conclude with a very accurate tribal-esque beat. For an artist who is constantly releasing amazing tracks, he's certainly looking forward with this one.

  PERU: SoTB Lagartijacarlo - Verano Par Lagartijacarlo is a solo project that began in 2013. Carlo, its only member, composes and produces all his songs with an authentic lo-fi indie essence. His most recent release, Verano Par, is a six-track EP made mainly with a ukulele, a style he calls ukulele-pop.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? Evols - Shelter Evols are due to release their second album, Evols II, this autumn through Porto-based label Wasser Bassin. The quintet's new record has been in the works for the last two years and we are very excited by the first single, Shelter, which is backed with a video directed by Laetitia Morais.

  SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop The Van T's - Growler The Van T's, led by grunge-loving twins Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson, might just take the Scottish festival scene by storm this summer. Since forming as a harmony-driven acoustic-folk duo, The Van T's have undergone a radical evolution. They're now a much noisier proposition with lashings of reverb and a Pixies-esque appreciation of pop distortion. The awesome Growler is taken from their debut EP.

  SOUTH KOREA: Indieful ROK Genius - 88 Years Old True to their name, three-piece Genius deliver a mix of earnest and humorous lines set to garage-rock and punk. Following last year's celebrated album Beaches, this month the band returned with EP Lucky Mistake. Lead track 88 Years Old is a straightforward number with uplifting lyrics.

SPAIN: Musikorner BeatLove - White Whale BeatLove is an experimental electronic duo formed in 2009 by Bejamín Jiménez and Myriam Fernández, two lovers of rhythm. In 2014 they brought out debut album Interference, and most recently they released Wins, which includes remixes by Fernando Lagreca and Reykjavik 606.