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Sequin, o projecto a solo de Ana Miró, que alguns poderão conhecer da sua colaboração com Jibóia,  editará, na próxima segunda-feira, dia 21, o seu álbum "Penelope", do qual é retirado o tema que representa Portugal, este mês, no Music Alliance Pact.

Sequin é mais uma razão que nos faz lutar e correr, todos os meses, para, mesmo de uma forma modesta, chegar ao mundo com projectos nacionais com tanto talento como este de Ana Miró. E todos os meses nos orgulhamos dos nossos artistas.

O que faz a grande música, como sabemos, não são nem os orçamentos, nem os instrumentos, nem em quantidade ou qualidade, nem o número de músicos, por mais renomeados que sejam. Sequin, é o maior exemplo disso, ao conseguir, com rudimentares notas musicais, alicerçadas na talentosa voz de Ana Miró, verdadeiras jóias pop que poderiam ser grandes êxitos em qualquer parte do mundo. Ouça-se a versão, com algum tempo, de Sequin para "Physical", popularizado por Olivia-Newton John,  ou este muito recente  single, "Naive", que abre as portas para o álbum "Penelope", e, como todos os grandes temas, com muito pouco obtêm-se grandes resultados.

Podem fazer o download, gratuito e legal, de "Naive", na ligação respeitante a Portugal. Contudo, não esqueçam os muitos outros temas, que podem ouvir ou descarregar, sugeridos pelos os outros membros desta aliança, a Music Alliance Pact.

Carregue no botão play, para ouvir as canções individualmente. Utilize o botão direito do rato, para fazer o download do mp3, ou descarregue um ficheiro, com todos os temas, AQUI.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie The Plasticos - Marfil This band from La Plata usually cites British rock acts such as The Kinks, Blur and The Stone Roses as their main influences. However, this track from The Plasticos' new album, Kilómetros, is one of our favorites because of its grungy sound that reminds us of the new Argentine rock movement from the late 90s. You can listen to the album on Bandcamp.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They? Dianas - Dix There are moments when all you want to do is kiss the guy who invented the internet. Such is the case when one Bandcamp tag after the other, we stumbled upon Dianas, a trio from the distant city of Perth. Dix is a dreamy drone-pop tune with all those floral notes typical of Scottish indie; kind of like what Camera Obscura might have sounded like on a hot summer's night in Western Australia.

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado Isaar - Tudo Em Volta De Mim Vira Um Vão Sort of a sad waltz, Tudo Em Volta De Mim Vira Um Vão is taken from Isaar's new album, Todo Calor (roughly translated as "All The Heat"). Originally from Recife, one of Brazil's most prolific cities, Isaar shows her strong influences of local culture such as frevo, maracatu and manguebeat, but also flirts with pop music and other contemporary artists like Siba and Orquestra Contemporânea De Olinda.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts Zoo Legacy - CRWD Hybrid hip-hop rockers Zoo Legacy are from Ottawa but have a world-conquering sound. Blending indie-rock, R&B, hip-hop and pop, it's impossible to pinpoint which element is the band's focus, and that's exactly what they've intended. Lines blur and genres blend, but Zoo Legacy's gift will always be musical alchemy.

CHILE: Super 45 Niño Cohete - El Bosque Niño Cohete, a band from Concepción, packed Teatro La Cupula at Lollapalooza Chile in March. With an EP and a recently released debut album, Aves De Chile, they're conquering the country with their music. They define their style as "sylvan pop" and new single El Bosque has nice guitar arrangements and a very upbeat melody.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo Flaco Flow & Melanina - El Desorden From the Colombian Pacific coast comes hip hop duo Flaco Flow & Melanina who, after 12 years, four albums and tours around the world, are still armed with good rhythm and real, powerful lyrics. They never deny their Latin flavor as you can hear in their salsa song El Desorden.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian Kristian Harting - Kamikaze Having paid his dues in a bunch of more or less under the radar thrash metal and noise-rock bands for the past 15 years, Kristian Harting has finally released a debut solo album. Float is a personal account of emotional and financial turmoil set to bleak and haunting alt-folk that will get you one way or the other. At least if you have a penchant for this type of music. And a soul. Kamikaze is a MAP exclusive download.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: La Casetera R.E.A.L.I.D.A.D. - Cogiendo Fuego feat. Carolina Camacho We usually don't repeat artists on our MAP submissions, but with this one the team decided to make an exception. Both R.E.A.L.I.D.A.D. and Carolina Camacho have been featured before because they make unique music in their genres. For this track, the fury that fuels rock music and the fierce attitude of rap mix together to defend our people from corruption, softened by Carolina's voice over the chorus. Head to the Bandcamp link above to download Resurgir/Combates Necesarios, the latest EP from R.E.A.L.I.D.A.D.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria Fernanda Karolys - Vago Desiertos María Fernanda Karolys is one of the most powerful and iconic Ecuadorian female voices. After a strong career that has seen her play with bands such as Pulpo 3, Nortec Collective Presents: Clorofila and Helios Jive, she is ready to present her first solo album and Vago Desiertos is the first single.

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound Douglas Dare - Swim Radiohead's influence on modern music is enormous, but it's strange how little credit is given to Thom's solo work. The Eraser captivated the imagination of a generation of smart younglings in their bedrooms. Much like London's James Blake, Dorset's Douglas Dare climbed Harrowdown Hill and had the epiphany to use hints of light for shadow-play. It's little wonder this bloop-loving pianist has ended up on Erased Tapes, home to the likes of Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds, who are set to release his debut album Whelm in May.

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee d8p - Gather d8p don't try to identify themselves by a niche or genre, but rather focus on creating a certain universal feeling, an atmosphere. Melancholic, longing, melodramatic, yet uplifting and danceable, d8p plays with the fine line between euphoria and sadness while also leaving room for surprises. Utilizing complex percussion, simple melodies and unconventional musical structures, d8p aims to take the listener to a place they find familiar yet full of new possibilities.

  FINLAND: Glue Captain Cougar - Rise On their first two albums, five-piece Captain Cougar perfected rootsy Americana-influenced songs, but with their recently released third album, Åkerblomrörelsen, the band has created bold soundscapes embracing post-rock. Lyrically, it is also very ambitious as it is a history-related concept record that tells the story of Finnish evangelical cult leader and sleep-preacher Maria Åkerblom. Rise is a very good example of this bigger sound.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda The Man From Managra - Praise The Lord Aiming to explore the function of songs as a fundamental necessity of musical expression, The Man From Managra - the new project of Coti K. - conjures up music with a thoroughly minimal feel and austere arrangements, using a modified bass and his voice both deftly and as core elements. Check out Praise The Lord, a gripping and subtly beautiful song, based on a motorik rhythm, repeated simple phrases and Σtella's unique contribution.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar Bhumi Svara (Cabrini Asteriska & Puti Chitara) - Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu Cabrini Asteriska and Puti Chitara are singer-songwriters who have played together since their childhood. After some shared travels they decided to form a musical project to express their life experiences. This song is a Hindu mantra in Sanskrit, may it bring more peace with you.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing Extra Fox - Come Together Neil Adams' Extra Fox is one of several current side-projects from Dublin scene heroes The Cast Of Cheers, a smartly bristling bedroom electronica aside. Taking elements of his math-rock mainstay's choppy style, Adams' charmingly skittish beats and soulful melodies nod towards the neon lights of urban Japan. The man himself credits Com Truise and "that feeling like you're inside an 80s video game" with inspiring a new thought process. The album is available on a pay-what-you-want basis on Bandcamp.

ITALY: Polaroid Flying Vaginas - Happiness And Flour You could say that Happiness And Flour by the trio Flying Vaginas sounds nothing new, simply classic indie-rock with a long tradition: The Jesus And Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, Clean, Black Tambourine, you name it. Or, to quote some bands from the present: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Crystal Stilts, Girls Names. What makes me particularly happy about this wonderful song is that Flying Vaginas know how to speak the international language really well, and it doesn't happen very often around here. Their great debut EP is also free to download via Bandcamp.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies Earthquake Island - Naked Water Earthquake Island is usually a solo project based in Tokyo, but for Naked Water the producer behind the music recruited singer Mocca to perform over a lovely, glowing soundtrack that would sound right at home in a church. Her contributions, though, add even more beauty as her vocals overlap one another and give the entire number a Björk-ish edge.

MALTA: Stagedive Malta Blue Star - Shake It Baby One of the many projects involving Andre Camilleri, the only record ever made by Blue Star is a five-track EP recorded in 1998. Camilleri spent many years busking on the streets of Berlin and Valletta. While in Malta, Andre put together a five-piece band which included Ian Schranz and Mark Sansone from Beangrowers, resulting in a number of well-received gigs and a self-titled EP. Andre is now based in Australia, his output remains prolific and we've lost count of his numerous recordings.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika Ponce - El Muerto Leonardo Kin Ponce's interest in the paranormal was expressed in his music while in his previous bands Timmy & The Monsters and Ghostcatcher. Now he has been working on Ponce, a solo project based on pure Spanish vocals and some IDM elements. His first single El Muerto follows that line and it has been released with some remixes that emphasize the dark, daily aspects of one of the most fearful ideas of existence: death.

PERU: SoTB Bondage - Un Video De Los Dos From Trujillo, a beautiful city in northern Peru, comes one of the most interesting and provocative rock bands in the country. Bondage was formed by Juan Carlos Paredes, who created his style from punk and garage-rock. Un Video De Los Dos is taken from his first album released last year, which has a lot of sensuality and distorted guitars.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? Sequin - Naive Sequin is the solo project of Ana Miró, an extremely talented vocalist who gives new meaning to the blips and bleeps of early 80s electronic music and has a sound reminiscent of the debut albums by Soft Cell and Depeche Mode. However, Sequin, who recently opened for Warpaint in Lisbon, will also be loved by those who are into more recent bands such as Ladytron. Naive is taken from her album Penelope, out on April 21.

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie Necronazis - Peligro De Muerte Necronazis are a fixture in Puerto Rico's punk scene and although not as active in recent times, the band makes sure they play a few shows every year for their faithful fans. The group's different line-ups read as a genealogical tree of the local scene, including long-standing members Giancarlo Cervoni and Sergio Narváez, both former members of Dávila 666. To honor this seminal band, new independent label Discos Diaspora launch Antología on April 19, a limited edition tape compiling Necronazis' recorded output in its entirety.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise Theory Of Mind - I Felt The Sun Cluj-based band Theory Of Mind has built up a large fanbase in just a few months. A dream-pop group with psychedelic and experimental influences, they have shaken the foundations of Romanian music - for good.

SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop Fatherson - James Fatherson are idols to many in Scotland and, having just released their debut album I Am An Island, now is the perfect time for the rest of world to catch on. Their music is more accomplished and rewarding than you might expect from a rock band in their early 20s. There are no unfocused thrashy rackets here, just considered creativity and a very intelligent approach to dynamics and song structure. MAP exclusive download James has all the crescendos, singalong verses and punch-the-air choruses you could ever wish for.

SOUTH KOREA: Indieful ROK Saram12saram - Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon And The Sun Saram12saram had been teasing with alluring electronic tunes on SoundCloud a year before the release of the duo's debut EP. Raindrop, Cloud, Typhoon And The Sun finally came out at the end of 2013 and a few weeks ago it became available on vinyl. The title track puts the esoteric female vocals first, while the music produces an ambient dreamscape that leaves you wanting more.

SPAIN: Musikorner HUIAS - Dealer HUIAS is a duet from northern Spain formed by María Lastra and Alejandro Santana. In 2012 they released their first EP in which they mixed guitar arpeggios with electronic arrangements, keeping folk tradition in mind, but now they are comfortable in the dark side. Their music is mysterious, dreamy but dark. Dealer is the first single from their forthcoming debut album.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You The Deloreans - As Long As It's You On their fantastic new single, As Long As It's You, The Deloreans find themselves crafting a slow driving tune with multiple small flourishes coloring the entire sound-space. The vocals are confident and overflowing with emotion as drum kicks and a grandiose chorus keep elevating the constantly evolving song.

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Tiago Bettencourt - Aquilo Que Eu Não Fiz

Uma música que, infelizmente, não conta uma história mas que relata o que já faz parte da nossa história como país.

Os nossos parabéns ao Tiago Nettencourt por este documento que marca, tão precisa e preciosamente, este presente tão triste.

sábado, Março 15, 2014


A cada mês, temos que escolher um tema para apresentar no Music Alliance Pact, temos uma enorme surpresa. Este mês não é uma excepção.

Com muito prazer, levamos ao mundo, a bordo do nosso jacto particular, Yesterday, o projecto a solo de Pedro  Augusto, que já vai no seu sexto álbum, contando com este, "The Waiting". É deste álbum o tema "Destruction", canção que será divulgada por todos os membros da Music Alliance Pact até 15 de Abril.

Pedro Augusto é um verdadeiro polímata. Ele compõe, toca quase todos os instrumentos, produz os discos, pensa, cria e faz o trabalho gráfico dos mesmos e realiza os seus vídeos, como é o caso do que poderão ver, abaixo, para "Destruction". O ponto fraco de Pedro Augusto é que não canta o fado porque, se assim fosse, não teriamos que esperar seis álbuns para o ouvirmos nas nossas rádios.   

O álbum "The Waiting", que será editado a 7 de abril, está disponível para pré-encomenda aqui.


Carregue no botão play, para ouvir as canções individualmente. Utilize o botão direito do rato, para fazer o download do mp3, ou descarregue um ficheiro com todos os temas AQUI.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie Plein - Madera & Fuego Plein started almost seven years ago as an excuse for a group of friends to gather and play their favorite songs. After several years of playing live and participating in different compilation albums, this indie-rock band from Buenos Aires released their first record in 2012, with songs recorded using a method of pre-established rules inspired by Lars von Trier's film The Five Obstructions. Madera & Fuego is taken from their 2014 EP Número Uno.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They? Yon Yonson - Culver City Childhood friends Andrew Kuo and Nathan Saad are Yon Yonson, an experimental pop duo from Sydney. Their sound is ambitious and unpredictable - listen no further than their latest release Hypomantra to understand. As the band designed the record to be played as a continuous set, each track on the record is incredibly malleable, both in sound and score. Culver City, with its origami beat samples, is a glimpse of Yon Yonson's standout oddities which show that this talented duo's output is just as diverse as their intention.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts The This Many Boyfriends Club - Only Trying "We are a mercurial bunch," says Casimir Frederic Coquette Kaplan, guitarist and vocalist for The This Many Boyfriends Club, since by the time you hear Only Trying, vocalist Veronica Danger Winslow-Danger will have sung her last lo-fi "dandy punk" show with the band. A new single will also be up for the offering, signalling yet another shift for this ever-evolving Montreal band. I'll follow this club wherever they want to lead me. You will too.

CHILE: Super 45 Cóndor Jet - Igual Que Ayer Antonio Favero, Nicole L'Huillier and Tomás Vidal are Cóndor Jet, a trio that has refreshed the indie-rock scene in this country. They play psychedelic dream-pop, so they were a perfect fit to open for Tame Impala last October in Chile. Igual Que Ayer is taken from their debut album Anillos.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo Goli - Tú y Yo Goli is the project of Sara Rodas, born in Medellín, who is remembered for being the singer of synth-pop group Mr. Bleat. Now Sara shows us her other side, in which we perceive something more intimate and romantic. Tú y Yo is taken from her debut album released this month. Don't miss the limited edition handwoven version.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian Shiny Darkly - Dead Stars This edition of MAP marks my fifth anniversary as Denmark's representative in this great music blog alliance. It's a special occasion so I'm happy to be able to mark it with a track from some of my all time favorites, Shiny Darkly, who will release their long-awaited (and excellent, I might add) full-length debut, Little Earth, in Denmark on March 31 and internationally on May 5. A MAP exclusive download, Dead Stars is the nine-plus minutes of awesome post-punk album closer.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: La Casetera Sin Fin, Realidad & Lugo Santiago - La Expropiación Legal Several hip-hop artists united to record a tribute album for Juan Antonio Alix (available as a free download on the link above), one of the most influential poets of the Dominican Republic and a master of "décimas", ten-line poems that usually satirize social, political and religious themes. One of the poems, La Expropiación Legal (written in 1876), attacks communism directly, accusing the government of seizing private properties for their own benefit. Rappers Sin Fin, Realidad and Lugo Santiago add their rhyming skills to turn this song into one of the most memorable moments in the album.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria Cuervos - Juan Cuatrero Juan Cuatrero is a story told within the old west of Quito and the first track on Cuervos' self-titled album, released in 2013. Wild, poetic and adult-oriented rockabilly, it's a mature record full of great textures and an air of contemporary folk.

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound FEMME - Daydreamer The Beyoncification of modern popular music is a wonderful thing. A smidgeon of melancholy shimmering on a groove that you can grind you hips to is never not loved at DiS HQ, and south Londoner FEMME seems to have a few of these darkthems lurking beneath her sparklier, crunchier, poppier numbers. Daydreamer has lyrics about rain in her heart but thankfully the inner sadness never totally eclipses the charm of the head-twirling beat. A bright future awaits.

 ESTONIA: Rada7.ee Allinn - 2 Maailma Allinn released their debut album in November 2013 and 2 Maailma showcases everything they're capable of. Bravely experimenting with sounds, mixing haunting vocals, tribal drums and a sense of 90s breaks scene, they take you on a journey that you wish would never end.

FINLAND: Glue Exotic - Red Lights / Rainy Nights Exotic is an electronic pop duo from Finland even though they were first conceived and founded in Barcelona. Red Lights / Rainy Nights is taken from the upcoming EP Milkshakes which Exotic describe as a piece of minimalist techno-influenced lo-fi pop.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda Sugar Factory - Chamber Music Sugar Factory's Chamber Music is intensely atmospheric, beautifully tense, emotive and melodic with subtle sonic shifts, stuttering percussions, guitars very much the centre of attention and ample majestic moments that take prisoner of your head and your heart. Their limited edition double A-side single is available for free download on Bandcamp.

INDIA: NH7 Dualist Inquiry - Lumina Indian independent music's summer anthem for 2014 may have well and truly arrived in the form of Dualist Inquiry's latest single Lumina. His first solo release in almost a year following the formidable Doppelganger LP is a catchy guitar and synth-driven indie-dance tune that features the 27-year-old producer on vocals for seemingly the first time in his own work. A variety of palatable styles of dance music get the Dualist Inquiry treatment here, ensuring Lumina sounds just as great driving home after a long night at the club as it does driving towards the city lights hours earlier.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar Marco Steffiano - I'll Be Fine feat. Monita Tahalea If life gives you lemons then you make lemonade. When life gave Marco Steffiano he wrote a beautiful song about letting go and invited some of his closest friends to help.

IRELAND: Hendicott Writing The Rusty Fixtures - When Ya Left Me Strung together on beer-money budgets in the finest of Irish folk traditions, The Rusty Fixtures nevertheless throw a glance or two in the direction of reggae and blues in When Ya Left Me. The break-up track - an unreleased MAP exclusive set for their second EP - sees the progression of a bittersweet tinge that's been ever-present since the rural rising stars saw their kit stolen, burnt and then replaced by the local community back in 2011. Now edging towards Dublin and starting to make an impact, the five-piece are paying it forward, offset harmonies, mellow buzz, cajons and all.

ITALY: Polaroid Winter Dies In June - Big Sale Saturday If I didn't tell you that this band comes from Parma, you might think they hail from some remote place in the United States. I am truly amazed how Winter Dies In June are able to speak the same language you can find in The National, The Walkmen or Band Of Horses records. It's emotional, resonant, epic indie-rock with huge reverb, piano and guitars that will make you shiver, and so much passion. You can download their debut album, The Soft Century, for free at Bandcamp.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies Pop-Office - Only Love Can Break Your Heart Nagoya outfit Pop-Office have built a reputation in Japan on being loud, fuzzy and at times chaotic. So it was a bit of a surprise to see them cover the Neil Young song Only Love Can Break Your Heart for a recent EP. Makes sense after listening. The group put their personal stamp on the song, turning it into a lurching number prone to stretches of noisiness. The sentimental core remains, though.

MALTA: Stagedive Malta Clandestines - Downer With a combined weight of 407lb and a combined age of only 54, Clandestines have managed to build a strong following locally with their DIY ethic and catchy hooks. They have just released their first full-length album, Saturday As Usual. With a mix of upbeat, distortion-driven songs and slower tracks with a slacker vibe, the record offers themes of love, hate and boredom as well as a sufficient dose of anger.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika Chicano Batman - Cycles Of Existential Rhyme Chicano Batman is a Latin rock band, based in Los Angeles, with a unique and awesome sound that drinks from a core of 60s Mexican psychedelic balladry. Masters of nostalgia, their music is as genuine and authentic as the vast array of influences shown in every track. They always record live and use analog instruments. Chicano Batman just released their second album, Cycles Of Existential Rhyme, also the name of this month's MAP track.

PERU: SoTB Invernal - Viridialand 1 It all began in the summer of 2010 when Marco Malpartida wanted to start an experimental project. Later he teamed up with Christian Vargas and Jesica Arakaki and together they formed Invernal. The band just released their first album which features seven tracks largely influenced by shoegaze and dream-pop, a style softened even more by Jesica's vocals.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco? Yesterday - Destruction Yesterday is the project of Pedro Augusto, who this month released sixth album, The Waiting. Destruction is its first single and comes with this video. As well as playing almost all the instruments on the record, Pedro is the composer, writer, producer, mixer and artwork designer. Yesterday creates sophisticated pop which falls somewhere between Saint Etienne and Eels.

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie Campo-Formio - Barón Barón After four appetite-whetting EPs, Campo-Formio has polished their sound to perfection for their highly-anticipated debut album, Here Comes... Campo-Formio!, out this month through the band's own label, Dead Mofongo Records. Throughout the record the group demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of rock, assimilating numerous influences with great intelligence and style, from Puerto Rican gutter punk to surf, prog and post-punk - all within the same song. Barón Barón is the second single from the album.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise Moebius - G Less than a year since the band's debut, Moebius have succeeded in surprising music fans with a different take on alternative rock. With a special style that perfectly binds post-rock and neo-folk influences with the classic indie and psychedelic sounds, Moebius are without doubt the most relevant Romanian alternative band of 2014. Proof of this is their debut single G.

SCOTLAND: The Pop Cop Lists - Autumn Lists is a young man by the name of Ali Milesi from the island of Arran, but now based in Edinburgh. Autumn is the first song has ever shared and, trust me, that magnetic pull you experience when you first hear it will only get stronger after repeated listens. An exquisite lullaby, its hushed, quivering vocals and finger-picked acoustic guitar has already sparked an impressive amount of online buzz and gushing praise.

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie Hollow Jan - Day 2: The Day Before For as long as they've been around, Hollow Jan has been offering the very best screamo to be found in Korea and abroad. Following the critically acclaimed album of 2006, this month the band finally released its long overdue second full-length album, Day Off, based around the concept of death, just in time for their SXSW debut. With Hollow Jan's stunningly beautiful post-rock arrangements supporting the highly emotional vocals, Day 2: The Day Before is a dramatic song of epic proportions.

SPAIN: Musikorner Hanselett - Tower It seems like Hanselett has brought her music from the past, where there were knights, princesses and maybe dragons, who knows? What we do know is that Hanselett is one of several music projects by Monik D'arc, a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter from Barcelona with an indie background but highly influenced by electronic music and medievalism. A true delight.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You Vertical Scratchers - These Plains Merge Records earn their legendary reputation for having a near-perfect ear. They continue to display such a talent with their newest find, Vertical Scratchers. One would not be wrong to sense a Kinks/Buzzcocks crossover feel with a contemporary edge and energy. This is a quick taste that will leave you craving more.