terça-feira, julho 04, 2006

Lily Allen Atrás de Ronaldo

Só mesmo uma garota imatura, sem uma ideia da repercurssão das suas palavras em milhões de fãs, poderá ter a falta de inteligência da análise de factos e, consequentemente, fazer comentários irresponsáveis sobre Cristiano Ronaldo. Tudo, é claro, pelo mau perder de alguns fãs de futebo, como é o caso de Lily Allen. Lily, nas suas palavras, faz de Rooney um santo e Ronaldo o mal em pessoa. Escreve ela no seu blog, a 1 de Julho, na entrada com o título "Slightly depressed":"So ......... the England result eh? Ronaldo is a dirty dirty bastard , agreed? I still can't figure out whether Rooney got sent off for the stamp or for the push , I know he shouldn't have reacted but whatever . Ronaldo is pure evil , did you see the winking and him winding up Rooney earlier on in the game . I bet the press are gonna use Rooney as the scapegoat , but I reckon we should go after Ronaldo ."

O disco dela está a sair, no dia 17 de Julho, como já anunciei, e, se descessemos ao seu nível, por nós, enquanto ela incita os seus fãs a irem atrás do Ronaldo, eu incitaria-vos a não comprarem o seu disco.

A Radar está a passar "Smile".

Houve alguém que já deu a Lily Allen uma resposta a gosto, na secção dos comentários ao seu post. É de "The Most Hated Man on MySpace":

"That rant was the biggest piece of misinformed shit I have ever read in all my life. Next time stick to writing about shit you actually know about. The problem with English culture is there always has to be a scapegoat. Whether it's Taylor, Southgate, Beckham, Rooney or Ronaldo. Tabloids like The Sun come up with this bollocks to unite a nation behind one vicious campaign after another and people like you are shallow enough and stupid enough to go along with that mind set. In reality what did ronaldo do?? who knows what ronaldo was winking to the bench about?? its all about context and how the cameras wanted the situation to be percieved. his team mate gets stamped in the nuts and he's not within his rights to complain to the ref??? he was not "card waving" and simply pointed to the fact Carvalho was on the floor in agony. u see all the top english teams do that week in week out in the premiership. arsenal, man utd and chelsea are all guilty of this. so to think the english have the cheek to come out with this hyprocritical shit about how they would never resort to such measures is complete bullshit. but England are always whiter than white of course. its only those "nasty greasy foreigners" who dive and cheat in every football game.

English football needs to get its head out of it's own arse and respect the fact there are other teams in the world other than Brazil more than capable of matching england in terms of quality.

Ronaldo is not "evil". he is a competitive footballer who wants to win the world cup for his country. he should not be crucified for that. Rooney himself has said he bares not grudge and understands that on that particular day they were not team mates. if this simple lad from liverpool can understand that why cant the majority of the english public??

I'm disapointed in you Lily, thought u were a smart girl. stick to writing catchy pop tunes and you'll be alright. at least getting dumped will give u more material to write ur tunes."