terça-feira, fevereiro 28, 2012

iamamiwhoami - "DROPS" (NOVO VÍDEO)

iamamiwhoami, o alter ego da sueca Jonna Lee, tem um novo vídeo para o single "Drops" que é a sequela do vídeo que apresentámos aqui há doze dias, "sever".

Este vídeo é mais "normal" do que o habitual  e o tema, infelizmente, é dos mais desinteressantes de toda a sua carreira de singles.

New iamamiwhoami! The latest installment for “drops” begins where the previous video, “sever” left off. Lee is seen dancing by herself in the white residence in the apartment building. A close-up shot of two electrical outlets which looks similar to the faces of a baby is shown, before she heads to the room in the center of the apartment, and the hairy figure from “sever” is seen on the ground. She steps on it, and slowly sinks down. She begins falling through each apartment directly below her. As she falls, two scenes are seen in an adjacent apartment building: The man in underwear from previous videos is seen trying to hold the door shut as a hairy figure tries to break through, and the girl from “clump” looks out of the window in a bedroom, with someone else laying in bed. Lee eventually falls into the parking lot of the apartment building, where she sees another hairy figure on top of a covered Volvo 240. The figure walks towards her, then splits into five. The recurring number of six is present again, in the form of 6 hairy figures throughout the video (including the one in the apartment above). The 5 hairy figures then encircle her. After a pause, the hairy figures start to run towards Lee. The video ends with a shot of the covered Volvo 240.

According to online music distributor Rdio, “good worker” is slated for release on March 14th!